We Care For You

Compassion, understanding and passionate love are the terms that gave birth to this company.  After years of taking care of their father, the owner was able to recognize the importance of a quality nursing care because they were fortunate enough to find a good nurse. Making the decision to entrust your loved one to a private nurse would be an extremely stressful and anxious time. They would like to pass the blessing to every family who needs special nursing care, someone you can trust for the betterment of your loved one. At Al Mustakbal Home Care, you are guaranteed that your loved one will be provided with the best nursing care possible whether it is short term or long-term care.

Al Mustakbal Home Care Services is a private company situated in International City Dubai, UAE. Established last April 2010 and have built a strong reputation for excellence in nursing care, which we work hard to maintain.

We provide continuing education and training for nurses to ensure that our residents receive the very best nursing care possible and all throughout the UAE.